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Dell Drives the Green Message



Dell Drives the Green Message

DateThursday, November 13, 2008


Today marked the official launch of the Dell Car Pooling website in Cherrywood.  The website was the idea of Dell employee, Alexandre Mitellus, who entered an internal competition organised by the employee led ‘Green Team’.

The website was deemed such a good idea the ‘Green Team’ went about implementing and designing the website in partnership with the Dublin Transportation Office. The Car Pooling Website was customised solely for Dell, it has been tried and tested and incentives for employees are in place to encourage them to use it. A monthly raffle for a car valet is up for the taking and the option to secure preferred car parking spaces.

Dell has committed to becoming the world’s greenest technology company and making company operations carbon neutral by the end of 2008. Dell are already ahead of schedule and this not only reflects in the measures undertaken by the company globally to ‘green’ its own operations, it also includes a commitment to helping customers achieve their environmental goals through the provision of environmentally sound solutions and products for all customers from the largest corporates to individual consumers.

Aongus Hegarty, vice president and general manager, Dell Small and Medium Business in EMEA, said: “Our customers, stakeholders and our employees are inspiring us to lead a new era of environmental responsibility. We are at an historic point in time when the combined efforts of companies, customers, employees and suppliers will make the critical changes to protect our shared Earth.  I am delighted to see our employees driving green initiatives at our site in Cherrywood and I would like to congratulate all employees involved with this initiative. I would encourage all employees where possible to avail of the website and consider it as an option for getting to and from work.”

John Henry, CEO of the Dublin Transportation Office who attended the launch today said: “We were delighted to be involved with Dell in the development of  their car-sharing website.  Rising petrol prices and increased awareness of the impact car use has on the environment are undoubtedly changing car drivers’ attitudes to the alternative ways of getting around Dublin, including car-sharing. If everyone left their car behind for at least one trip each week, that would be 200,000 fewer car trips every day in the Greater Dublin Area, less traffic and less pollution. Small individual changes can make a big difference.  I believe this is a great opportunity for Dell employees to make our city ‘greener’.”






United we Drive – Divided we stall!

by t2eLive

ireland_thumbThe Dell Ireland team launched a car pooling website last week. The website was the idea of Dell employee, Alexandre Mitellus who entered an internal competition organised by our local ‘Green Team’. The suggestion was deemed such a good idea that we designed and implemented a programme for Dell employees in partnership with the Dublin Transportation Office.

A monthly raffle prize has been put in place as well as other benefits to encourage employees to use the scheme and we already have over 100 employees using the site.  I have been pleased with the feedback from Dell employees and the local media, for example here is a post from

Dell has committed to becoming the world’s greenest technology company. Earlier this year we announced that our global operations are carbon neutral. We did this through efficiency projects, and purchasing green power and then responsibly offsetting any remaining emissions. Only with our employees behind initiatives like this can we continue to drive efficiencies in our own operations. There is so much more we can all do – and with the rise in petrol prices that many countries are experiencing, this is a win-win scenario for our pockets and the environment.

Pictured: Driven to act – Alexandre Mitellus, Denis Lucey, Sarda Gukhool, Michael Halpenny and John Henry.