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The Car-sharing Scheme at Dell

Project Initiated and sustained From 2008 until 2014.

This article was the consequence of our extension in 2010.


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The Dell Green Team has been in operation since 2008 and is made up a number of Dell employees from different parts of the business. The team holds weekly meetings where they work through new plans and evaluate existing initiatives. The team has received strong support from senior management, a factor which has helped the effectiveness of the initiatives.

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The Car-sharing Scheme has been one of the most successful and long running of the Dell Green Team initiatives. Initially, Dell gave employees the opportunity to play their part by organising a DELL GO GREEN competition. Dell asked for the best ideas that could be implemented giving consideration to how Dell could reduce its impact on the environment. The Judging panel selected the idea of a car-sharing scheme for employees as the most deserving idea based on impact the initiative would have on the local environment.

With the concept in place, Dell then partnered with the National Transport Authority who customised a car pooling website solely for Dell. The website was officially launched and has gone from strength to strength.

The Dell team is already working on new initiatives and is beginning to pilot a new Taxi-sharing scheme designed to reduce the amount of taxis used by employees. They have also started working on a unique document called ‘The Visitors Guide to Dell’ outlining local transport routes and registered hotels.

Dermot O’Connell, General Manager, Dell Ireland with Dell’s Green Team to launch the Car Pooling Scheme