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Top Comment 2014

From the General IT Manager of a French University:


I want to warmly thank you for our exchanges and the efforts deployed in the benefice of our company. I am convinced that without your intervention and your help, we would certainly not positively overcome the issues encountered on our [product_name].

I also particularity appreciated the cordiality and the frankness of our exchanges which allowed to pass through these difficult moments in a constructive and professional manner.

For all this, once again, Thank you!

Original text:

Je tiens à vous remercier chaleureusement pour les échanges que nous avons eus ensemble, et les efforts que vous avez déployés au bénéfice de notre établissement. Je suis convaincu que sans votre intervention et votre aide, nous n’aurions vraisemblablement pas surmonté positivement les écueils rencontrés sur nos baies [product_name].

J’ai de plus particulièrement apprécié la cordialité et la franchise de nos échanges, qui a permis de traverser des moments difficiles de manière constructive et professionnelle.

Pour tout cela, encore une fois, merci !

En vous souhaitant une excellente continuation,

Bien cordialement,


PowerEdge 13th Generation

2 days of intensive courses to details the features and options of the new Dell PowerEdge 13th generation of servers.

Inclusive leadership triaining

The purpose of the training was to use people differences to enhance the team spirit and achieve better scores



Inclusive leadership is the practice of leadership that carefully includes the contributions of all stakeholders in the community or organization. Inclusion means being at the table at all levels of the organization, being a valued contributor and being fully responsible for your contribution to the ultimate result. Inclusive leadership creates an organizational culture that consistently produces results that benefit all of those stakeholders.


Bronze Award – TAM community constant improvement

Bronze Award – TAM community constant improvement

In recognition of your high involvement in sharing best practice through the [program] initiative during FY14 and then being a constant source of improvement for the TAM community.

From the Regional Management

Answer First Business Presentations

Internal training with instructor  at Dell Dublin

Improve the impact of your opinion through a short and effective presentation

Solar powered Classroom

Helped provided in the Project through the Community involvement:



DCSE Dell Certified System Expert

In Networking: Force 10 Field Awareness

DCSE Dell Certified System Expert

DCSE Associate Server Certification v10.0

Microsoft Excel 2010 advanced

Internal training with instructor  at Dell Dublin

Training in 3 parts to introduce the new features and advanced options

Dell Networking – Force 10

Internal training with instructor  at Dell Dublin


  • Overview and Positioning
  • Deep-Dive and Positioning